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Artist Statement
Artist's Statement

My little girl.  I have been so lucky with my dogs.  They have always brought to my life what I needed at that time.  


My first dog, Berk,  got me off the couch.  Cheska, my second dog, put me on the couch.  My third dog, Dexter, taught me 'can't be fat, dumb and happy.'  He challenges me daily and I love it. They are and have always been wonderful companions.


Cheska's saying is 'life is fast, walk slow'. She was larger than life and skewing the perspective in this quilt achieved that look.  Her image has heavy thread work, a beaded nose, dog tag and tongue. She was appliqued on the larger digital image with 'loose' threads mimicking fur on the edges.      


Materials:  Digitally Printed Cotton Broadcloth, Beads, Threads of Cotton, Polyester and Rayon. 

Techniques: Computer Graphic Design, Printing and Steam Setting of Digital Prints, Free Motion Quilting, Beading, Threadwork.

2010 - 48" w x 29" h
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