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20 More November's

20  More November's 

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Artist's Statement

This past summer, Dex and I were at the river. He was fishing and I was writing in the sand with a stick. These are some of my favorite times and when I define success, it’s the ability to go to the river with my dog on a Tuesday.

While sitting in the sand, I wrote ‘20 more July’s’ because you never know where life will take you and if your health holds out. Granite, it was a milestone birthday this year - maybe that got me thinking. This concept is not a countdown. It’s about remembering that if I’m lucky, there are 20 more November’s (maybe more) and I want to be intentional on how I spend my time

This November - the winds came up, there is still green in the grass, the leaves have died and the trees are bare. The rivers are darker. It's catch up time, routine time, sewing time.


I’m considering, or I feel like I have to, develop a series on this '20 more' concept. Thing is, there is a tug of war between what I want to do and what I think I have to do. It sounds like a simple answer but it’s not. If I do a series on this technique/concept, I develop the skills and get better with each piece. Sounds likes to right thing to do but..... I wanna do other quilts. An internal struggle that most likely will continue. I guess we see what gets produced in the next couple of years

Materials: Reactive Ink Painted Cotton Broadcloth, Cotton & Polyester Thread, Wool Batting

Techniques: Threadwork, Free Motion Quilting, Fabric Painting


     New England SAQA Visionary Exhibition

     Vermont Quilt Festival, Essex Junction, VT, 2020

     Maine Fiberarts, Topsham, ME, 2020



2020 - 20"w x 20" h                               
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