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Give Me A Hug

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This quilt was inspired by the painting "Pygmalion & Galatea", by the French artist Gerome.  The sculptor prayed to the gods for a woman.  When he was creating her, she came alive and gave him a kiss.

The background is stitched in small hearts in honor of their love.

The original painting is very passionate and that passion translated nicely to the quilt.  It was fun to only use printed fabrics as it added a whimsical nature to the quilt as demonstrated with the green floral prints for the crates. 


Materials:  Cotton Fabrics, Cotton Batting, Polyester and Cotton Threads in 40 & 50 Weights.  


Techniques: Threadwork, Raw Edge Applique, Free-Motion Quilting, Satin Stitching, Monofilament Work. 



     Lowell Quilt Festival, Lowell, MA  2007

     MQX, Manchester, NH    2007

     World Quilt Show, Manchester, NH  2008

Artist's Statement
2007 - 46"w x 55"h
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