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Ladies Version 2

Ladies - Version 2

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Artist's Statement

Harriet moved to Tennessee with her husband, who fought in the civil war, 300 miles from Virginia. The both walked and rode in a small carriage. Gertrude married her husband at the age of 17, had 10 children, rode horseback until she was 89. Alice married her sisters husband after her sister died giving birth to her 5th child. Alice had six kids of her own. Jane loved to dance and was very fashion forward.

Fannie’s son ran a dry goods store in Vermont. Lucinda was married for 65 years and had 5 daughters and 7 sons. Betsy raised 15 orphans with her husband in a farm house with 13 bedrooms and one bathroom. Caroline had one child and died when she was 57. Martha traveled on logging trains to campaign for her nephew when he was running for office.

Throughout all of the hairstyles and fashions over the years, these women took care of their families, ran a household and showed up for the rally’s. They where the women in the audience and when able, they voted.

They broke ground for us all.

Click to view the exhibition version, 'Everyday Women Rallying for Suffrage'. 

Materials: Digitally Printed Cotton Sateen, Polyester Batting,  40 weight Cotton Thread.

Techniques: Drawing, Digital Design, Free Motion Quilting, Textile Design, Threadwork.



             Jeffrey Lomicka Photography
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