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More is More

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Artist's Statement

W.O.W. - World of Wearable Art - is a fashion design competition in New Zealand with incredibly innovative and outrageous outfits that must walk the runway.  Think wooden dresses, outfits that look like a car, cabinet of curiosity dresses. Theatrical costume designers, design students, independent edgy designers all compete in this event and often spend an entire year on their pieces.  It is a goal of mine to participate in this competition. 

W.O.W. published a book of interviews with some of the designers and it was fascinating to read about their world.  One of them mentioned the design aesthetic for their piece  - Baroque Living Room (this is a dress) - was ‘more is more’.  My quilt was born.  More thread, more movement, more color.  I can do this.

Most experienced quilt makers will tell you quilts take a life of their own and dictates the final look. This quilt proved that point and it’s voice was very loud.  Starting out, I tried over and over again to stitch thick lines, thick curves and both the quilt and the sewing machine would not let me do it.  I kept telling myself that thin lines was going to make this quilt forever to complete and it did.  9 months, 4-6 hours a day and I gave up a lot of life.  It made me wonder if this was the right road for me and it also gave me heartburn.

The thinner lines look better and one can get dizzy following the paths. 

Interestingly, here’s a picture of the quilt at about 20% completion.  This would have worked, too.

I like the quilt.  The movement makes me smile and when I look at it, I think ‘it’s good work’ and I want to do more.  Was is worth giving up as much as I did to complete this work? It’s part of the journey and it’s good I’m making it.

Materials: Painted Cotton Broadcloth with Reactive Dyes, Digitally Designed Cotton Broadcloth (Border & Backing), Polyester Batting,  Threads of Silk, Cotton, Polyester, Rayon & Nylon in weights from 40 to 100. 

Techniques: Thread Work, Free Motion Quilting, Textile Design. 


     MQX, Manchester, NH 2019

          Teacher's Award - Esterita Austin (Thanks!!!)

     Vermont Quilt Festival, Essex Junction, VT, 2019

          2nd Place Ribbon

     Road to California, Ontario, CA, 2020

2018 - 68"w x 58" h                               
             Jeffrey Lomicka Photography
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