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Mystical Creatures

Mystical Creatures

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Artist's Statement
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Mystical Creatures created from textile designs based on abstract threadwork. Huh? Another way to describe it: I created fabric designs from pictures of abstract threadwork found in my quilt ‘More is More’. The designs produced multiple motifs and once I started eliminating areas in these motifs, images started to appear. A theme became apparent.


These are the mystical creatures of a faraway place. They live in a diverse community and each unique character has their own role.


Gender Neutral - Questioning the status quo, Gender looks to bring unusual & edgy ideas to the community.

Fox Warrior - Fox is the leader of the peace keepers. He is fierce, strong & sexy. Think Jason Moma.

Flying Lady - She has wings and fly’s over the landscape.

Mr. Butterfly - He is decorative, and can hug a wide group of creatures at one time.

Mr. Bug - Kind of a ‘man about town’ creature and can flutter up and down.

Dress - The latest fashion in the Mystical Creatures world.

Poindexter - Poindexter is smart, waddles a little when he walks and teaches the children.

Big Belly - Always has a smile on his face and a laugh like Santa.

Women with Boat - She likes the outdoor and is boating today on the peaceful lake.

Droopy - Droopy is the head of the community with arms that are open and inviting. His team stands with him.

Woman with Hat - She is quite fashion forward and always wearing the latest styles.

Oh My Lady! - She says ‘Oh My’ quite often when she walks around the community in the afternoon.

Double Eye - Double Eye sees the best in people as he teeters thru the town.

Double Spear - The hero of the community, he has won many competitions with his spear abilities.

Mr. Horns - The wealthiest and the most generous in the community providing help whenever needed.

Flathead - Flathead is the philosopher and provides spirituality and direction.

Materials: Digitally Designed Cotton Broadcloth, Cotton Commercial Fabrics, Polyester Batting, Wool Batting,  40 weight Cotton Thread, Monofilament Thread.

Techniques:  Digital Design, Free Motion Quilting, Textile Design. 


2021 - 66" w x 64" h                               
             Jeffrey Lomicka Photography
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