Mystical Creatures

Mystical Creatures

Gender Neutral
Gender Neutral

Fox Warrier
Fox Warrier


Gender Neutral
Gender Neutral

Artist's Statement

Mystical Creatures created from textile designs based on abstract threadwork. Huh? Another way to describe it: I created fabric designs from pictures of abstract threadwork found in my quilt ‘More is More’. The designs produced multiple motifs and once I started eliminating areas in these motifs, images started to appear. A theme became apparent.


These are the mystical creatures of a faraway place. They live in a diverse community and each unique character has their own role.


Gender Neutral - Questioning the status quo, Gender looks to bring unusual & edgy ideas to the community.

Fox Warrior - Fox is the leader of the peace keepers. He is fierce, strong & sexy. Think Jason Moma.

Flying Lady - She has wings and fly’s over the landscape.

Mr. Butterfly - He is decorative, and can hug a wide group of creatures at one time.

Mr. Bug - Kind of a ‘man about town’ creature and can flutter up and down.

Dress - The latest fashion in the Mystical Creatures world.

Poindexter - Poindexter is smart, waddles a little when he walks and teaches the children.

Big Belly - Always has a smile on his face and a laugh like Santa.

Women with Boat - She likes the outdoor and is boating today on the peaceful lake.

Droopy - Droopy is the head of the community with arms that are open and inviting. His team stands with him.

Woman with Hat - She is quite fashion forward and always wearing the latest styles.

Oh My Lady! - She says ‘Oh My’ quite often when she walks around the community in the afternoon.

Double Eye - Double Eye sees the best in people as he teeters thru the town.

Double Spear - The hero of the community, he has won many competitions with his spear abilities.

Mr. Horns - The wealthiest and the most generous in the community providing help whenever needed.

Flathead - Flathead is the philosopher and provides spirituality and direction.

Materials: Digitally Designed Cotton Broadcloth, Cotton Commercial Fabrics, Polyester Batting, Wool Batting,  40 weight Cotton Thread, Monofilament Thread.

Techniques:  Digital Design, Free Motion Quilting, Textile Design. 


2021 - 66" w x 64" h                               
             Jeffrey Lomicka Photography