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Artist's Statement
Artist Statement

Dexter Cubbington The Third.  Dexter - named after the serial killer tv show, suggested by my niece.  Cubbington - from his lineage listed generations back in the early 1900's, courtesy of  The Third - my third dog. 

Dexter is big, strong, stubborn and a wonderful dog.  Once again, as with my previous dogs, he has broken the mold.  In this picture he was two and today he is six and a half.  He loves to run, run, run - play, play, play - swim, swim, swim.  This past year he started 'fishing' up north and can spend up to an hour (actually more), trying to catch something.  He sleeps on my bed and gets me up in the morning.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Many years down the road after Dex is gone, I'll have this beautiful quilt hanging in my home and it will make me smile.  He's a good doggie. 

Materials: Digitally Printed Cotton Sateen & 6 oz Broadcloth, Polyester Batting, Silk Dupioni, Threads of Silk, Cotton, Polyester, Rayon & Nylon in weights from 40 to 100. 

Techniques: Thread Painting, Free Motion Quilting, Textile Design, Fabric Tucking, Graphic Image Manipulation. 


    Vermont Quilt Festival, Essex Junction, VT, 2018

          Winner, Blue Ribbon

     International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX, World of Beauty, 2018


    AQS, Lancaster, PA


2018 - 51"w x 43" h                               
             Jeffrey Lomicka Photography
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