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My Favorite Text Messages

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Artist Statement
Artist's Statement

There are a zillion little sayings around my house.  They have been cut out of magazines and books, collected from inspiration material, and my Farmer's Almanac calendar.  I hear something, it goes on a sticky. I line my desk.  I am starting to cover the door in my sewing room.  

This quilt was created in response to a SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Associates), call for entry - Text Messages.  The exhibition showed how text messages have become a popular method of communication. 

I saw this as a great opportunity to put my favorite sayings (even though I missed a few), on fabric.  Each cell phone was individually designed.  It will hang in my RV and when traveling, this quilt will be used for inspiration and a smile. 

Material: Digitally Printed Cotton Broadcloth, Cotton Batting, Threads of Cotton, Polyester and Rayon. 

Techniques: Graphic Design, Digital Printing, Steam Setting, Quilting. Whole Cloth Quilt. 

Exhibitions:  SAQA Text Messages Traveling Exhibit

     International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX, 2013

     International Quilt Festival, Chicago, IL, 2014

     Quilt! Knit! Stitch! Portland, OR, 2014

     Round Bobbin Quilting & Sewing Expo, St. Charles, MO, 2014

     Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, Fredericksburg, VA, 2015

     Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ, 2016


     SAQA Text Messages Catalog

2013 - 24" w x 58" h
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