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Ree Fagan - Carl


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Artist Statement
Artist's Statement

Summer 2017 - Carl moved to San Francisco.  A close friend of his got a job as Senior Editor at Wired magazine.  He thought is was a great time to see the other coast and to get a new hairdo.  


Carl lives in Brooklyn and takes the A train to the new World Trade Center for work everyday. Often, the A train has impromptu performers that dance and sing for pocket change. He gets his coffee from a small shop on Chambers Street, walks by the 9/11 memorial and remembers.  


Three nights a week he gets to the gym, plays billiards on Wednesday nights and typically eats dinner between 8-8:30. Weekends are usually dinner with friends, trips to Prospect Park and the occasional weekend away from the city.

Although Carl is quite urban, he shares many interests with his cousin who lives in New England. 

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I strive to be a perfect sewer.  I have learned to sew test pieces, work out fabrics, test thread and stitching methods. Most projects have one or two mistakes - it's just part of sewing and you learn to accept them if you can't fix them. 

Never, and I mean never, have I ever had so many mistakes as I encountered with Carl.  The more perfect I tried to sew, the worse it became.  From simple mistakes a beginner sewer would make to the complicated ones, almost every step in the process of creating Carl gave me hassles and had to be re-done multiple times. 

My new mantra "Mistakes Create Design Opportunities".


Materials: Nutria Fur, Sheepskin, Dupioni Silk, Crepe De Chine Silk, Cotton, Polyester Batting.  Silk, Cotton, Polyester, Rayon threads in weights from 40 to 100. 

Techniques: Free Motion Quilting, Raw Edge Applique, Fabric Tucked Border.  


     MQX New England, Manchester, NH 2017


     Vermont Quilt Festival, Essex Junction, VT, 2017



2017 - 49"w x 60"h                                                                          
         Jeffrey Lomicka Photography
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