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Artist Statement
Artist's Statement

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is a great place for inspiration and ideas.  The Textile department created a show of antique silk embroideries.  Most of the pieces were dated between 1850-1930 and the silk still had a beautiful sheen.

My dog breeder was sending me pictures daily of my new puppy and after seeing the exhibit, I knew one of the these pictures had to be done in silk.  An idea came for a contempory interpretation of these silk embroideries. 

I re-colored the picure using a gradient of orange to purple.  It looked as if lava was flowing in between the two heads.  The orange corners represent fire and the rug, re-colored, looks like a lava field.  Most people do not see the puppies playing in the image.  Usually, an explanation is merited.  

So.... if you don't see the pups playing, look at the original picture in the detail gallery.  This is one of my favorite quilts. 


Material: Digitally Printed Silk Habotai for both the Image and Backing Fabric, Silk Thread in 50 & 100 Weights,  Silk Batting.

Techniques: Computer Graphic Design, Printing and Steam Setting on Habotai Silk, Thread Work, Free Motion Quilting, Textile Design.

Competitions & Exhibits:   

     International Quilt Festival, Experience Silk Special Exhibit, 2012

     Vermont Quilt Festival, Competition, 2013

     International Quilt Festival, World of Beauty Competition, Finalist, 2013

     New England Quilt Museum, Gilding the Lily Exhibition, 2017


2012 - 31" w x 21" h
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