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Ree Fagan

Born in Ohio

Lives and Sews in New Hampshire


Needles, threads, scissors, seam rippers, irons, sewing machines.  These are my tools and I like to sew clothing and non-traditional quilts. 

Sewing has been part of my life for a very long time.  After making a few traditional quilts, one day I said, 'no more geometrics'.  A replication of Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus', was my first non-patterned quilt.  Using raw edge applique, satin stitching and print fabric, the quilt was completed.  It is huge and takes up a wall in my home. 

Continuing with replicating master's paintings in fabric and thread, 'Give Me a Hug", and "Is That Land?", were the next quilts.  While working on these, I studied Fashion Design at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.  I learned all aspects of design including textile design, pattern making, fashion design, textile history and science, fashion drawing.  Couture construction techniques and draping were some of my favorite courses. Actually, I loved each course. 

During the textile design class, we were introduced to digital fabric printing.  This opened up a whole new word in quilt creation, textile design and the ability to render any image on fabric.  Add learning graphic design software and the sky is the limit.  My thread painted quilts Dad and Two Pups were both digitally printed on silk.  These quilts have original fabric designs, also printed on silk, as the backing. 

An ideal week for me is four days on quilting, two days on clothing design and contruction, and one day on education and design. That's the goal.  And my other goal is to not die with a thousand spools of thread.  Maybe 5.  

Thanks for visiting my site. 

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