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Betty's World

Betty's World

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Artist's Statement

Cherrywood Fabrics announces a quilt challenge every year to create a 20” square quilt with their fabrics. Some previous subjects have been Lion King, Prince, Van Gogh’s Starry Starry night, and the Broadway play Wicked. It’s amazing to see the variety and quality of work of the quilts. One concept, multiple styles, multiple interpretations.

It creates a good opportunity for creativity and to explore new techniques without having to spend a year (my typical time to create a piece), on a quilt. It’s a good break from a major piece and even better, a book is published and your quilt, if accepted, gets into a book.

The subject this year was Bob Ross. You know, the painter with happy trees on public television. I wasn’t super interested but decided to try anyway and ended up using my mom as the subject . As a side note - and you can’t plan this stuff - my nephew went as Bob Ross for Halloween this past year. He told me after I showed him the book of the quilts. So.... here’s the write up.

Betty - my Mom - was an artist. She used coffee cans for holding her brushes and cleaning them in turpentine. Paint splatters were on her clothing, in her car, and everything she touched. Today, I am following her footsteps as thread can be found in every corner of my home. This is a good thing.

Materials: Cherrywood Bob Ross Fabric Pack, Threads of Cotton, Polyester, Silk and Rayon, Wool Batting. 

Techniques: Threadwork, Free Motion Quilting


     Cherrywood Fabrics Bob Ross Challenge

     Houston Quilt Festival, Houston, TX, 2019

     Cotton Harvest Quilt Shop, Seaforth, Ontario, Canada, 2019

     Desert Lilies Quilt Show, Yuma, AZ, 2020

     Road to California, Ontario, CA, 2020

     Las Colcheras Show, Las Cruces, NM, 2020

     Dallas Quilt Show, Dallas, TX, 2020

     AQS Lancaster Downtown, Lancaster, PA, 2020

     AQS Spring Paducah, Paducah, KY, 2020

     Northstar Retreat Center, Ashbey, MN, 2020

     Crossing Arts Alliance, Brainard, MN, 2020

     Missoula Quilt Guild, Missoula, MT, 2020

     Sisters Outdoor Quillt Show, Sister, OR, 2020

     AQS Grand Rapids, Grans Rapids, MI, 2020

     Mancuso Quit Show, Philadelphia, PA, 2020


     The Bob Ross Cherrywood Challenge 2019



2019 - 20"w x 20" h                               
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