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Ree Fagan -OBX Seas in April

OBX Seas in April

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Artist's Statement
Artist Statement

While visiting the Outer Banks in North Carolina (otherwise known as OBX), from the top floor of the house I rented, you were able to look down onto the seas.  The ocean was a series of waves that connected and disconnected with each other is spectacular movement. Those seas would move on, another series of waves would come in and the dance would start all over again.


I could never live there.  After 12 hours, I was cheering on the waves, yelling 'good one', and taking 5 minutes to put on my sneakers.  The ocean is very mesmerizing.   

I do love the Outer Banks.  Just recently, my dog Dexter and I took the RV and went down for a couple of days.  Within a day or so, the goal for the day was to do nothing.  It worked.  The knots started to unwind from my shoulders, the lines on my face started to soften.  I wore my hair down everyday instead of throwing it in a ponytail.  It felt good to wear it down. 

Dex and I went to beach every night (it was a one minute walk), and we both watched the sunset.  He sat in my lap.  He weighs 95 lbs. 

Going back.


Materials: Cotton Broadcloth, Reactive Inks, Variegated Threads of Cotton, Polyester and Rayon in various weights. 

Techniques: Free Motion Quilting, Fabric Painting, Steam Setting in Bullet Steamer. 

Competitions and Exhibitions:

     Quilt National, Athens, OH 2017

          Finalist for Viewers Choice

      Foundry Art Center, St. Louis, MO 2017

      European Patchwork Meeting, Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines, France, 2019



     Quilt National 2017, The Best of Contemporary Quilts 

     Surface Design Journal, Fall 2017



     Quilt National Artist Talk, 2017

2017 - 52"w x 27"                                
             Jeffrey Lomicka Photography
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