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Artist Statement
Artist's Statement

This Quilt was inspired by the painting "Gulfstream" from the artist Winslow Homer.  When his painting went on display, people were worried the man in the boat was not going to live. That is the reason I named the quilt "Is That Land?".

Ocean scenes are great and always attract me.  In this quilt, each wave was individually cut and fused using patterned fabric.  The sharks were made in shades of purple to add color. I wanted red but felt it would be too dramatic - too violent as it can represent blood. 

The border is an original fabric design.  I took a picture of him in the boat, recolored it in shades of copper and created a repeat for the fabric.  

Major storms, man-eating sharks, and a broken boat.  He makes it to shore and is rescued.  


Materials:  Cotton Fabrics, Cotton Batting, Polyester, Cotton, and Rayon Threads in 40-50 weights.

Techniques: Free Motion Quilting, Fused Fabric on Muslin, Thread Work


     World Quilt Show, Manchester, NH, 2010

     International Quilt Festival, World of Beauty, Houston, TX,  2011


2010 - 58" w x 38" h
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